Wrapping Up 2012…

I posted 352 times in 2012!  I liked that little fact…it makes me feel productive.
So what was I posting exactly?  Well let’s recap a few:

I remodeled my basement and totally decked out my craft room.
And I’m proud to say it is still just as clean, except for the scrap bin, that seems to be overflowing.

I participated in the Scribble Challenge and shared a fun Popsicle Stick Bracelet tutorial.

Created a fabulous Snow White themed bag for my princess loving daughter.

In April I shared this baby doll carrier tutorial.  My daughter uses this thing to death… and Mama’s happy because she doesn’t get stuck carrying the baby that just HAD to come along!

I threw a Little Einsteins Birthday Party for my daughter… and shared all the printables with you!

I made some Hand Towel Art Smocks to protect my kids clothes from paint while crafting and camping.

I made one of my all-time favorite projects, the All You Need is Love Cedar Plank Sign for my kitchen update.

I hosted my sons 5th birthday bash and had an army obstacle course as requested.

I turned 30 and shared a LOT about myself.

We went to Disney World and I made autograph books rather than paying an arm and a leg for them at the park.

I made Halloween costumes for all three of my kids – Daddy and Peppa Pig and a Rockin’ Neon Monster.

I had a bunch of tweens over for a PJ Birthday Party and brought back MASH in the process.

I shared how to make Paper Mache Letters and used them in my sons room redo.

The kids and I made a Coupon Book for dad for Christmas.

I shared LOTS of free printables, including this print for my friend’s nursery.

For the Holidays I made some Mini Money-Holding Pinatas

and some 10 Minute Drawstring Bags.
Honestly, this is just a sampling of what I did in 2012, but what a way to pat myself on my back!
I got a ton accomplished around the house, including residing, remodeling and organizing, crafted loads of projects for and with my kids, and had a general good time!
I can’t wait to see what my mind thinks up for 2013 and I am happy you are along for the ride.
Happy Creating! ~Kim
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Kim is a Marketing Director by day and Crafter/Blogger/Blog Designer by night. She lives with her husband, three beautiful children, and her dog and cat. You can also visit her design site, seven thirty three – – creative blog design.  For even more seven thirty three fun, like her on Facebook or follow along via Twitter!


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