100 Days of School {Necklace}

My son is celebrating his 100th Day of Kindergarten on Monday.  Each kid was asked to bring in a collection of 100 items, as well as 100 small food items (goldfish, oyster crackers, etc).
They have made a whole unit out of it.

Mason and I brainstormed and decided on a necklace.  We thought of using beads and cheerios, but ultimately he decided on Froot Loops.  I made up some tags that we added to it where it ended with “100 days of school!”  You can download the file for the tags and use a 2″ punch to create your own!
We made it together and as we were working he said, “This is so cool Mom! My friends are going to want one!”  I love that he was so excited with our creation.
Here he is counting out the 100 pieces needed:

{real life here – he had spent the morning skiing and is still in his ski clothes}

Happy Creating! ~Kim
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    This is a great idea! We were doing the necklace w/ fruit loops, but you just made it a 100 (get it, 100?lol) times better with the number cards!!! Thank you so much for sharing them!!!

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