DIY Sofia the First Amulet

Since making the crown for Olivia she has been dressing up every night as a Princess.  Sofia is her favorite right now and she kept telling me she really needed an Amulet of Avalor. 
For those unfamiliar with Sofia, her amulet allows her to speak with animals as well as other mysterious qualities that have yet to be revealed.  The Disney Amulets are out of stock and Amazon sellers are trying to pawn off the $10 item for $44!
Since I had Podgeable Shapes in my craft stash along with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, I decided to try my hand at creating one.  It worked like a charm and using items from my craft room I made this:


I picked an oval Mod Podgeable Shape and traced it onto some purple silk ribbon. 
You can also use purple paper, fabric, anything that can be glued to the shape.

Cut out your shape and using Mod Podge, adhere it to the surface.
I chose to put it on the back of the shape because I was using ribbon which didn’t have a real clean cut. By putting it on the back I disguised that. 

Add a layer of Mod Podge over the back of the ribbon as well to really seal it.

After the Mod Podge has dried, flip over your pendant and, following the directions on the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, add a nice layer to the front of the shape. Set aside to dry.

I didn’t have a ball chain but I did have a bunch of ball key chains, so I just connected several of those together, and added some wooden purple beads my daughter had.
Once the pendant was dry I added a jump ring and then strung that onto the necklace with the beads.

I couldn’t have a more happy girl:
For those that don’t want to make their own but don’t want the plastic Disney version,
check out  Stinky Pink Creations on Etsy for a sweet little beaded amulet.
 Or you can visit Spoonful and print a paper version of Sofia’s amulet AND crown.

Happy Creating! ~Kim
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