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Obviously I am not a professional photographer. Sometimes I get great pics, sometimes I don’t. It is hard to take pictures at night and I am typically at work during the day when the lighting is at its best. However, a few of my fellow bloggers have been sharing behind the scenes pictures of how they photograph for their blog and after yesterdays post I just HAD to join in.

You see, the hat I wrote above yesterday was received on Monday. After work I opened it up and was in love. I wanted to get the post written and scheduled and also needed to get a picture of it so I asked my hubby to take a quick shot after dinner. I sat down on the living room floor next to the laundry hamper full of clothes needing to be folded and instantly I was swarmed! My two little’s started to wrestle me and the dog joined in the fun. Of course Cass saw all this so she jumped in too. It was a mommy free for all! Mason kept sticking out his tongue and Livie was trying to kiss the dog. All because I sat on the floor and Dad was pointing the camera at me!  HAHA. We took a few minutes for wrestling and then posed for a few silly photos before I was able to convince them to leave me alone for TWO FULL minutes so that I could get a shot of the hat!  Enjoy…

Happy Creating! ~Kim
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Kim is a Marketing Director by day and Crafter/Blogger/Blog Designer by night. She lives with her husband, three beautiful children, and shih-tzu. You can also visit her design site, seven thirty three – – creative blog design.  For even more seven thirty three fun, like her on Facebook or follow along via Twitter!


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