Clothespin Catapult

What is it with kids and making things fly? My kids love launching things into the air. Balls, balloons, marshmallows, pom-poms.It seems to be an activity most kids I’ve come across enjoy.

DIY Clothespin Catapults
Looking to fill some free time one afternoon and having found a bin of clothespins, my son and I brainstormed and came up with a fun clothespin catapult. Can I just take a moment to say how much of an engineer brain my 6 year old has? I had a vision of this catapult in my head where the bottle cap would be glued to the edge of the clothespin that is open and then have that glued to the wood and you had to pull down on the edges of the cap in order to launch. As I was explaining this to my son he looks at me all weird and says, “Why the heck would we do it like that?!?” He wasn’t being rude, he just truly didn’t understand why we would do it like that when we could do it so much easier. So we went with his way as you’ll see below… and I must admit, his way is much better!Best of all? This is super easy and provides lots of laughs and fun for kids!


Clothes pin, block of wood, a milk or juice cap and Gorilla Glue or similar.


Glue your clothes pin onto center of a small block of wood – make sure you sand it down.
Glue the milk cap to the top of clothes pin near the edge of the “closed” side of the clothes pin.
Optionally, give your kids some markers and let them decorate their catapults.
Once dry, the fun begins! Grab small objects that can be launched without causing harm to people, walls, floors and the like. We used mini-corks, but mini-marshmallows and pom-poms would work too.
Put the object into the milk cap, slap your hand down onto the end of the clothes pin and launch away!
You can set up a bucket or a paper target to make a game of it or just have free play. We liked to see who could get launch the cork the farthest. Not only fun for kids either! Mama’s can have fun launching things too!
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