Thanksgiving Kids Crafts with Free Printables

I decided I wanted to make a fun Thanksgiving craft with my kids that would enable them to use scissors. They love cutting and gluing, and I love to facilitate that to help them better their motor skills.

 I took my Thanksgiving Countdown Turkey, broke him apart and then made him into two printables – one that is already colored and ready to be cut and glued together, the second a coloring page version where he can be colored, cut and glued.


I printed one for each of my kids — my son wanted to color his, my daughter was fine with just cutting and gluing. My son kept calling his an Angry Bird Turkey. My daughter was not happy he didn’t have legs so she made some and glued them on. After they were done we hung the turkeys in our window.After my daughter made hers she asked if we could bring some to daycare because she knew her friends would love making them. I printed of the Coloring Page version and brought them in on Friday. When I picked Olivia up at daycare I was greeted by 6 amazing turkeys. The kids had a blast and each one was unique. The provider said that they had been playing with them all morning and she taught them a turkey song which they sang to me. It was such a great sight seeing so many kids enjoying something I created.

Download my Printable Turkey Crafts:
Turkey Kids Craft Coloring Page
Thanksgiving Turkey Kids Craft

Keep kids focused on what they are most thankful for throughout the month of November with this Thanksgiving Countdown Printable from @733blog

I also have a coordinating Thanksgiving Countdown available at Today’s Creative Blog!

There are tons of other Thanksgiving Kids Crafts out there.
Check out the sampling I found below:
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