January 3, 2014

My Word for 2014 with Free Printable

 I know it's already 2014, but I just sat down with my journal yesterday to brainstorm my word for 2014. Any word that popped into my mind in a 10 minute period was written on the page. They each have meaning for me and they each hold something I want to include in my life, but only one held a certain presence over me and that was:
 My word easily could have been changes, because I plan on implementing many in my life this year, but I feel like I need strength to make all of that happen! 

I want to take seven thirty three to the next level. What does that mean? I'm not sure yet, but I know I have really enjoyed the last year of blogging and want to continue to grow my online presence. I want to continue to interact with all of YOU and to continue to hopefully inspire someone to try something creative that they wouldn't necessarily have done before. I will need strength of mind and character to make that happen. 

There are also things in my personal life I want to work on. Strengthen my personal connections, friendships, relations, family ties. I want to continue to strengthen my body, test my limits and push myself in workouts. I want to strengthen my career goals and objectives, as well as make changes that may be hard (I'm not a fan of change. I'm a very routine person!). But I'm ready to rock 2014 and all it brings forth! To celebrate finally picking my word, I put together this free printable that you are more than welcome to use as a daily reminder. I'm hanging it on the cork board in my craft room to keep me inspired and on track.

Download the 8x10 "Strength" Wall Art via Google Docs.
As always, for personal use only. Do not alter.

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  1. Very beautifully put, and I absolutely love the wall art =)

  2. Great choice of word, and love the printable too! I have no doubt you WILL rock 2014!


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