Plastic Bag Parachute

My son came home from school yesterday with news that he could not WAIT to share with me.
He had learned how to make a plastic bag parachute and he wanted to teach me how.
You can tell he is a Blogger’s son – he told me to grab my camera and take some pictures, so I did and we are here to share this fun little project with you.  Perfect parachutes for Lego Men or other small figures!
My 6 year old son did all of the steps below.
The only step he asked for help on was making the small holes in all four corners.
Ziploc Bag
Lego Man, Lego Block, Small Rock or other small piece with a bit of weight to it
Embroidery Floss
Cut the top off from the bag and then slit down each side so that you end with one piece of square plastic.
Cut small holes in all four corners of the bag.
Cut four pieces of embroidery floss, all the same length – ours were 9″ long.
Wrap one end of each of the threads with a small piece of tape. This makes the next step easier.
Thread an embroidery floss through the bottom and up through the hole in each of the four corners and secure with a small piece of tape on the top of the bag.
It will look like this when done:
Flip the bag over. Attach one piece of thread to the side of a Lego block, rock or small action figure with tape. Do the same with the other four pieces of thread.
That’s it, you’re done!
In the picture above, my son is showing the proper way to hold and release the parachute.
Help your kids make their very own toy parachute out of a Plastic Sandwich Bag!
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